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Chunky Dave's

Chunky Dave is the driving force behind Chunky Dave's Peanut Butter, a handcrafted peanut butter operation in the heart of Sydney, Australia. His dedication to producing exceptional peanut butter starts with the finest peanuts, grown, processed, and roasted in Kingaroy, Queensland.

Dave's artisanal process is a labor of love. Each batch is a testament to his commitment to quality. From roasting to salting and grinding, he takes no shortcuts, resulting in three distinct varieties: Chunky for those who love texture, Smooth for a velvety indulgence, and Chilli for a spicy twist.

What sets Chunky Dave's Peanut Butter apart is the absence of preservatives and mysterious ingredients. It's pure, unadulterated peanut butter. After opening a jar, Dave recommends storing it in the fridge, though it's hard to believe it'll last for long. The taste is simply irresistible, and the peanut butter will keep for a few months, provided it survives that long.

Dave's commitment to quality extends to the ingredients he uses. His peanut butter is 100% gluten-free and free from animal products, preservatives, colors, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and sugar. It's a wholesome treat for peanut butter enthusiasts.

To get your hands on Chunky Dave's Peanut Butter, you can conveniently order from their online store. If you prefer a personal touch, visit their in-store location or find them at local markets. Experience the essence of handcrafted peanut butter that Dave brings to every jar.