About Us

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Our Journey, Our Passion

Small Batch Providore was born from a lifelong love affair with the vast and diverse landscapes of Australia. Our travels have always revolved around one thing - food. From exploring bustling farmers' markets in regional towns to discovering hidden gem wineries, visiting farm gates, and savoring dishes at local eateries, we've crisscrossed this culinary wonderland.

Unearthing Australia's Culinary Treasures

We've combed high and low, leaving no stone unturned, in our quest to unearth the finest artisanal producers scattered across Australia's rich tapestry of food and wine regions. These dedicated makers pour their hearts and souls into crafting exquisite delicacies. They work their magic using fresh local produce and premium ingredients, producing their goods in small, lovingly crafted batches - the secret recipe for creating the most delectable flavours that Australia has to offer.

Our Simple Mission

Our mission is clear and unwavering - to shine a spotlight on Australia's culinary landscape and the passionate artisans who bring it to life. For these producers, food isn't just a product; it's their life's work. And from this unwavering dedication springs forth the most exquisite gourmet treasures that define Australia's gastronomic excellence.

From Coast to Coast, We Roam

Our gastronomic odyssey has taken us to every corner of this great land, from the rugged beauty of Steep Point in Western Australia to the iconic Cape Byron in New South Wales, the picturesque South East Cape in Tasmania, and the untamed wilderness of Cape York in Queensland. We've traversed the length and breadth of Australia to bring you the incredible flavours that shape the identity of Australia's food and wine regions.

Join us on this flavourful journey as we celebrate the essence of Australian excellence in food. Small Batch Providore invites you to explore the remarkable tastes of our homeland and become a part of our community dedicated to exceptional culinary experiences. Welcome to the heart and soul of Australian gastronomy.