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Killer Condiments

Killer is an artisanal condiment company hailing from Southern Sydney, founded by your local butcher and chef. With years of experience and knowledge to draw upon, whether you’re dipping, slathering or drowning your food in it, you’re guaranteed a sledgehammer of flavour that’ll leave your tastebuds wanting more.

Starting casually in a small store kitchen as experimental sauce makers, Killer quickly amassed a cult following. Commencing small batch productions by hand, there was no recipe they wouldn’t try. Embraced by their devoted, local customers, repeat sales made it clear which products would form their debut range - the best sellers:

Sticky Soy, Blood Orange Hot Sauce, Crispy Chilli Oil and Chimichurri.

They pride themselves on product development from start to finish, providing exceptional care and consideration for each batch. Now a staple in almost every fridge in town, they’ve upscaled production and set their sights on brick and mortar stores, fine food purveyors and remarkable retailers wanting something killer on their shelves.

After all, their range is dangerously good.

Killer’s unique, artisanal approach and experimental spirit set them apart. With a cult following of devoted locals and a range of bold, unforgettable flavours, this small-batch condiment company from Southern Sydney is one to watch. Their handmade sauces pack a sledgehammer punch, leaving tastebuds wanting more. It’s no wonder Killer has become a fridge staple and is now stocked in fine stores across the country. For an exceptional condiment experience, get your hands on Killer’s dangerously good range.

Made in Cronulla, New South Wales