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Little Tin Co

At Little Tin Co, Dan and Rachel Weeks have a passion for preserving the tradition of tinned seafood while infusing it with Australian excellence. From their home in South Australia's Adelaide Hills, they have redefined the art of tinned seafood, making it an ethical, sustainable, and delicious choice for food lovers.

Their journey began on Deal Island in Bass Strait, Tasmania, where they found themselves in isolation during the challenging times of 2020. Drawing from their backgrounds in commercial fishing, conservation, and sustainable food production, the Weeks saw an opportunity to transform tinned seafood. They questioned why it had to be mass-produced from unknown sources when Australia offered an abundance of quality, traceable, and sustainable seafood.

With a commitment to supporting local Australian ingredients and practices, Dan and Rachel embarked on a mission to create Little Tin Co. Their dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their operation. They carefully consider each species, its source, and the harvesting methods used, ensuring that their seafood is sourced from responsibly managed fisheries prioritising the health of the ocean.

Little Tin Co proudly sources its seafood from Australian waters and cans it locally, preserving the flavours and traditions passed down through generations in seaside villages along the Mediterranean coast. The result is a range of umami-packed seafood products that can be enjoyed as standalone treats, platter enhancements, or flavor bombs in various recipes.