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Mama Liu's

Mama Liu's Chilli Oil is a family business based in Sydney, specialising in North-Western (Xinjiang) Chinese chilli oil. What makes them exceptional is their unique cultural background, blending Chinese and Russian influences. This fusion infuses their food, their people, and their culinary culture with a distinctive flavour that stands out from the rest of Asia.

Their culinary journey began with Mama Liu, a single parent who dedicated herself to providing for her family. Every meal she prepared was a labour of love, a way of expressing her deep affection. Whether it was the art of crafting hand-pulled noodles that melted in your mouth or the perfection of dumplings, each dish was created in the traditional way, ensuring that every bite carried the essence of tradition and love.

In Mama Liu's family, food is undeniably a labour of love, and this commitment extends to their chilli oil. Handcrafted and hand-bottled in Sydney, their chilli oil is more than a condiment; it's an expression of their passion for preserving authentic flavours and traditions while creating something truly special.

Mama Liu's Chilli Oil invites you to experience the rich flavours of North-Western Chinese cuisine infused with a touch of Chinese Russian heritage. With each bottle of their chilli oil, you'll savour the dedication, love, and tradition that have been passed down through generations.