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Pepe Saya

In the bustling heart of Sydney, a culinary love story took root when Pierre and Melissa came together to create Pepe Saya Butter Co. in 2009. United by a shared passion for transforming simple ingredients into sublime creations, this husband-and-wife team had a dream - to craft an exceptional Australian cultured butter that would redefine how we experience this kitchen staple.

Pierre, the talented "Mr. Pepe," is a buttermaker at his core, living and breathing the art of coaxing rich, nuanced flavours from dairy. Melissa, the unstoppable force behind the scenes as "Mrs. Pepe" and Pepe Saya's CEO, is a true chameleon – wherever she's needed, she's ready to roll up her sleeves and dive in.

From humble beginnings selling their first iconic butter rounds at the Carriageworks Farmers Market in 2010, Pepe Saya has blossomed into a featured voice for local, artisanal produce. Pierre's mastery shines through in every handcrafted batch, adhering to traditional techniques while incorporating his own distinctive flair.

But the Pepes' devotion extends beyond just crafting an incredible cultured butter. They've remained steadfast in their mission to spotlight Australian producers and encourage households and businesses alike to embrace locally-made butter. Each velvety bite tells the story of their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Whether fashioning their signature foil-wrapped portions, crafting traditional ghee using age-old methods, or exploring international inspirations like their 2017 sojourn through the gastronomic heart of France, Pierre and Melissa imbue every aspect of Pepe Saya with their passion for "FOOD" in its purest, most flavourful form.