Bendigo Brittle

Bendigo Brittle's family recipe makes brittle the way they should be - hand made from quality local ingredients and Australian peanuts.

Inspired by her late grandmother, Norma Roulton's peanut brittle recipe she made for her family's Christmas gathering in 2015, Bendigo Brittle's founder Greta Donaldson tinkered with the recipe to create a finer, more brittle sweet and salty treat.

As her refined peanut brittle became popular amongst her family and friends, Greta started up Bendigo Brittle and expanded her range of brittles from the classic peanut brittle to a luxurious macadamia brittle, a cashew brittle and an almond brittle. 

Bendigo Brittle has since outgrown its family kitchen origins to a commercial space but continues to be a family affair with Greta cooking and packing the brittle alongside her mother Shirley and niece Mikala.

Made in Bendigo, Victoria