Blend Smoked Honey

It all started back in 2014 with a happy accident on afternoon when founder Kris Sweres unwittingly left a pot of honey inside a smoker while smoking some cheese. What was created was a uniquely original smoked honey and the birth of Blend Smoked Honey.

Kris' unique creation was embraced by the barbecue community with its use as a finishing glaze on barbecued meats and as a perfect condiment on both sweet and savoury snacks.

Using 100% raw local honey farmed by real beekeepers using traditional methods, each batch of his original smoked honey is cold smoked and crafted with selected artisan ingredients to produce a unique taste experience.

For those wanting a chilli kick, Kris later expanded his range to include Blazed, smoked honey with locally grown chillis, and Bling - a premium chilli oil that's sweet, cruncy and packed full of umami goodness.

Made in Carina Heights, Queensland