Hallstrom Co

Hallstrom Co was originally created in 2018 out maker's Joshua Seaward's hobby and interest in the science of creating chemical free black garlic. The first fermenter they ever built was using a retro kerosene powered Hallstrom fridge, and hence where the name Hallstom Co was born.

Since then, Josh has claimed numerous awards including Gold and Silver at the 2019 Australian Food Awards, Silver and Bronze at the 2019 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and, most recently, Silver and Bronze at the 2021 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. 

Taking chemical free garlic sourced from the Braidwood Garlic Growers Cooperative, the whole bulbs are slowly heated over the course of several weeks. The end result - a black garlic packed with flavour that can be added to almost anything as an ultimate flavour enhancer.

Made in Carrington, New South Wales