Women's Work

Women's Work is the product of many generations of preserving produce and the passing down of learnings in the families of Madeleine, Kristina & Ian. Generations of shared stories, traditions, skills and recipes as lore. Perfected over time each time they're passed hand to hand.

Women's Work is a homage to the women in their family.

For Kristina it's sharing the recipes from her long family history and allowing others to taste the creations that have been perfected over generations. For Madeleine it's about bringing recognition to the often hidden women's work that drive the family. Finally, for Ian, it's to recognise the value that women bring to the table and protect the stories and skills of traditional women's work. 

Much of the fresh ingredients in their product is grown themselves, and what they can't grow is sourced from their neighbours in the Hills and Hawkesbury regions.

There is no secret ingredient - the quality, freshness and taste is a by-product of the ingredients they use, from the earth's own fresh bounty they've picked and preserved.

Made in Glenorie, New South Wales