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Grumpy Gary's

Grumpy Gary’s is an award-winning, 100% Australian family-owned business that handcrafts natural sauces.

It’s fair dinkum to say they’re bonzer about tucker. After years of tweaking their recipes to satisfy every customer’s tastebuds, they pride themselves on spicing up even the dullest feeds.

Why ‘Grumpy’ Gary’s, you ask? Turns out happy Gary’s are as rare as hen’s teeth! Like any other family, theirs is special thanks to Grumpy Gary’s. Though it started with Gary’s obsession with chillies and scrumptious grub, his passion for his creations won over every member of the family. His lack of time to perfect his beloved sauces would make him grumpier than a cut snake until he finally decided to pursue what makes him smile.

Gary says, “Me passion for hot sauces nearly blew up me kitchen on the weekends. On Mondays, me mates at work always looked forward to tasting some new sauce I’d whipped up. Then, someone asked me to make me Special Sauce for a barbie. More requests followed. I barely slept waiting for feedback!”

After weeks and months of Gary monopolising the kitchen, visiting weekend markets and tweaking his recipes based on customer feedback, the family fell in love with what would soon represent them. Now you can say they’re all obsessed!

Grumpy Gary’s unique values and passion for quality, natural ingredients make their handcrafted sauces stand out. Their dedication to customer satisfaction means you’ll always find a sauce to suit your tastes. No wonder they’ve won so many awards - their passion and values shine through in every bottle!

Made in Cranbourne East, Victoria