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Olsson's Salt

The Olsson family have been making solar sea salt since the 1950s and is the oldest family-owned and operated sea salt maker in Australia.

But their origin goes as far back as 1878 when Olaus Olsson first arrived in Melbourne from a small town in Sweden called Dals Langed and the Olsson business was formed in 1888 as a humble grocery store in Parramatta, Sydney.

The precursor to Olsson’s Salt came about in 1957, when his grandchildren Charles and Malcolm purchased their first salt works in Warooka on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia and over the years took over the salt works near Whyalla on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia and built a new solar sea salt plant in Port Alama on the Capricorn Coast in Queensland.

This legacy came to fruition when Olsson’s Sea Salt was launched in 2012. It was readily lauded by the Australian gourmet community with many fine dining restaurants throughout Australia choosing Olsson’s as their salt of choice. These include the likes of Quay, The Bridge Room, Bennelong, Firedoor, Aria, Bather’s Pavilion, Pilu Freshwater, Shangri-la hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, The European, Dinner By Heston, Pope Joan, Tonka, Coda, Africola, Vintners, Gerard’s Bistro, Bucci, Bistro 2 and Huxtable to name a few.

Using a technique known as ‘solar evaporation’, Olsson’s sea salt is made using the action of the sun and wind on seawater pooled in large ponds. The seawater is evaporated into successive ponds until the seawater is fully concentrated and the salt crystalises on the floor of the pond. It is then hand-harvested, washed in seawater and dried.

With their salt farms based on the Great Barrier Reef at Port Alma, Queensland and The Great Australian Bight in Whyalla, South Australia, the seawater comes from the world’s most pristine oceans to create an exquisite and all-natural sea salt that is free from chemical processes.

Made in Port Alma, Queensland and Whyalla, South Australia